About Dr. Sumedha Dandekar's Clinic

Dr. Sumedha Dandekar has a Masters Degree in Dental Surgery in they field of prosthodontics which deals in replacement of missing teeth. Her specialisation is in dentures, crowns, bridges. She has multiple fellowships from National and International institutes to provide replacement options for missing teeth with the aid of implants. Implants are titanium screws which are placed with precision taking into account the available bone volume in the area to rehabilitate the missing teeth.

Dr. Dandekar's dental clinic aims to provide a peaceful, clean and happy environment where you can relax and let the specialists work on your teeth. Space and greenery are an important part of the decor at our clinic and we hope to provide this feeling of lightness to the patient. We truly believe that if the patient is in a comfortable environment they are naturally more relaxed during their treatment which results in a better overall experience.

Some of our major services:

  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Precision root canals for decayed teeth
  • Aesthetic dentistry to correct the contour of discoloured restorations
  • Smile design
  • Prosthetic treatment options like crowns & bridge
  • Full mouth rehabilitation

Dr. Dandekar wishes to change mindsets about dentures which, if done well, can be a simple yet extremely effective treatment option. She is also certified in geriatric medicine that’ enables her to deal with older age group patients, taking into account their medical history and provide them with best dental treatment options.

Dr. Dandekar also specialises in the field of Sleep Dentistry. She has multiple residencies in the field of dental sleep medicine from USA. The clinic aims to be a one stop shop for patients who have sleep disordered breathing. A complete end-to-end consultative approach is adopted with patients which includes an in-depth understanding of their past medical history and current issues following which treatment options are provided for sleep apnea. We also partner with various sleep diagnostic companies and CPAP therapies to make your experience a pleasant one.

We aim to be a Clinic for you to leave your troubles behind and let us help you smile. We are an centrally located exclusive facility in Pune which is here to serve you with a smile.